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Done For You Services
We offer 3 “Done for You” Services along with extra “add-ons” so you can get the perfect results for your business. Plus, the more services you use the more you save.
Option 1: Instagram Account Management
An entrepreneur like you has a thousand things to think about every day. Don’t make building your Instagram profile be one of them. When we manage your account we take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best – serving your customers. Here are some of the benefits of letting us help you:

1) Content Creation and Posting: Never wonder what content to make, or when to post again. We’ll take care of it all. We’ll post unique and curated content 3-5 times per-day on your account. As we start collecting data from the posts, we optimize so future posts have the best chance of being seen, liked, and engaged with.

2) Hashtag Research & Optimization: Getting your hashtags working well is one of the best ways you can ensure your content is seen by your ideal clients and customers. We’ll perform the initial research, and then continue to optimize to make sure the right people are seeing and finding your content.

3) Best Performing Post Growth: As part of our research, we’ll find “Best Performing Posts”, both from posts on your account, as well as viral posts from similar accounts. We’ll then use those posts to help increase your follower count and improve engagement within your community.

4) Viral Content: One of the best ways to increase your following is to use viral content that is already trending. But this only works when it’s content that applies to your target market. So we’ll find and curate the best target-specific “viral content” for your page. This not only helps your page grow, but it also brings more credibility to your account.

5) Lead Magnets: We’ll help you create and use Lead Magnets to help you get more people on your list. As part of this service we’ll assist in creating them, as well as delivering them to the potential customer.

6) Use of Our Network: It helps to have a bit of a boost, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ll tap into our exclusive network of followers (currently more than 4 million strong) to help boost engagement on your posts.
Option 2: Ads Account Management
Instagram story and post Ads are some of the most powerful ads you can use today. With an Instagram ad, you’re able to connect with (and convert) your potential customer on a very different level than you are able to on Facebook alone. When you allow us to manage your ads for you, we:

1) Create all your ad creative and copy: That means you don’t have to think about what you should say in your ad, ever again.

2) Pixel, split-test and optimize your campaigns: Our goal is to increase your conversions so you’re spending less, and making more.

3) Use retargeting to fuel growth: Many business owners forget about how powerful retargeting is. We simplify and optimize the process so you can be up and running faster than ever.

4) And anything else that relates to ads: If it has to do with your ads, we’ll take care of it. You seriously don't have to worry about a thing.
Option 3: Instagram Influencer Management
One of the greatest ways you can increase your profitability & scale your reach is by using influencers to help you market your product or service. These are typically people who have at least 10,000 followers (usually many more), who have relationships with their followers and who occasionally share specific and targeted offers with their followers. This includes:

1) Finding key influencers: These are the people who serve your target market, and are willing to post on your behalf.

2) Establishing relationships: We build relationships with these key influencers on behalf of your company.

3) Coordinating posting schedules: We’ll work with the influencers to set a schedule for their posts, so there’s a constant stream of content about your product being released about your products, every single week.

4) Building and executing promotional calendars: We’ll create and run giveaways, contests, collaborations and other promotions to help grow your account and bring awareness to your products and services.

5) Track Sales: And of course, we’ll monitor the sales that result from the posts so you have a clear ROI (where applicable).
Add On: Market Research
This is the most important part of the process. This is the essential information that makes every content choice much easier. This includes detailed market research on:

1) Potential influencers you can and should work with

2) Your competition

3) The best hashtags to utilize

4) Your target markets and potential clients;

5) The best performing posts in your industry

6) Potential growth “hacks” you can utilize to scale quickly

7) Optimal posting strategies and frequencies for your market

(If Conducting Market Research Only) And also includes an implementation phone call to review ideal content and posting times for your profile.
Add On: Complete Account Optimization
During this process we completely overhaul your Instagram profile so it is primed to attract and easy to find, for your ideal clients and customers. This includes:

1) A carefully crafted SEO-friendly bio, so your best potential customers and clients and easily find your profile

2) Strategic content planning, so you can produce the type of content your audience wants

3) Analytics setup (if desired), so you better know your performance indicators

4) Any additional profile-related support, as needed.
Add On: Complete Sales Funnel Review
We go through your funnel from top to bottom. This way we’re able to ensure we’re targeting the right customers in the right way, and also able to ensure your funnel is optimized with the best offers. During this process we:

1) Review or create your ideal customer avatar

2) Review each step of the sales funnel to make sure it’s working properly

3) Review and optimize your value ladder and subsequent offers

4) Review and recommend options for any potentially higher converting offers
Take a look at our
Done With You Services
Feel like you’re ready to implement it yourself, but still want some help to make sure you’re on the right track? Awesome! 

We can help you craft the perfect strategy for your business, so you can increase your income faster than ever with our exclusive consulting program.
Done With You Consulting Program
Over the course of 90-days, we work with you (or your team) to craft the perfect marketing strategy for your business. This is a strategy that is designed specifically with your goals and needs in mind. And if you want a strategy for more than just Instagram, we can include that too!

Now once the strategy is planned, it’s up to you to actually implement it. You’ll have 6 coaching calls with us (roughly every 2 weeks) along the way. That allows us to tweak and optimize your strategy as needed, and also to help you if you’ve gotten stuck. 

And if at any point you find yourself wanting some extra help implementing the plan, we’ve got your back with additional add on services like:
  •  Instagram Management
  •  Sales Funnel Strategy and Design
  •  Chat Bot Creation
  •  Sales Copywriting
  •  Email Marketing Campaigns
So it’s basically the best of every world! We’ll help you craft the right strategy for you. And it’ll be up to you to implement it in your business. So just to put it all together, you get:
  •  A 90-day content and marketing strategy, specifically designed for your business.
  •  6 coaching/check-in calls, to help you stay accountable, adjust the plan as needed, get help, and stay on track.
  •  BONUS: The Full IG Boss Program, so you and your team can crush Instagram like a boss.
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